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REDISCOVER: what it feels like to have the power of a man or woman in balance
The Location
We will converge on the seven thousand acre Lagafater Estate, which lies in the very heart of the Glenapp and Galloway Moors SPA, just north of the Scottish border;

The Edwardian lodge at Lagafater offers an intensely natural environment noted for its wealth of birds and other wildlife; 

25 minutes from the nearest town, Lagafater offers the perfect mix of comfort and remoteness;

The House offers a mix of bedroom arrangements; there are six private rooms and four rooms with multiple beds for a total of fifteen beds; 
"knowledge of the law for mankind enables us to live free as a man or woman on the earth without being harmed or interfered with by those of mankind who seek to impose unlawful systems and limitations upon us;
The Sovereign's Way Retreat is about your direct experience of who you are in harmony with law so that you can apply knowledge of the law for mankind cleanly in the world AS a man or woman and be free of the ties that bind"
Greg Paul
Private rooms are available following a donation of £725 (first come first served basis)
Shared room are available following a donation of £675

To join the retreat;

You are invited to make a donation of £300;

Then i will reserve a place for you; 

You will then be asked to donate a further £375 (£425 if you are in a private room) at least 7 days before the retreat starts; 

Then i will give you my time; 

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