INTRODUCING: The Only Knowledge You Will Ever Need To Take Back Power Over Your Life
Discover How To Set Your Law To Govern Your Life, So You Can Live Life On Your Terms 
 Without Giving Away Yourself, Your Property Or Your Rights To Anyone Ever Again
There is a way: 
  • to keep 100% of your compensation for your own labour/work… without lies;
  • to protect your family and property against any attack… without fights;
  • ​​to be free of those of mankind who act as agents with government titles… without the need to hide;
  • to overcome the psychological and emotional barriers you have to lead the life you know is right;
It all begins with learning how to set Your own law to govern Your own life… With Rights and authority

Right now, the world is heading in a very dangerous direction…

The knowledge of our rights that allows us to be free is being lost, 

The economy is crumbling,

More and more of those of mankind exchange their rights for benefits and privileges of government,

Trespass by way of unlawful mandatory vaccinations and other frightening prospects loom on the horizon for those who are not aware of the difference between mandatory and law,

Those of mankind who run small businesses are being driven into the ground because they don't understand how to charge agents for orders,

Every day, little by little, the doors to this knowledge are closing,

A big change is needed...

Institutions cannot make that change for us…
it must be made one man, one woman, at a time

We are the ones with the responsibility 
And as one of those of mankind we also have the power;

The problem most of us don’t want to admit is that we feel powerless to make the change... but here’s the thing 
You’re not powerless... and you’re much closer to your own salvation than you think
You CAN make a huge change now... 
as we already have in our lives
All you are missing is the ability to set your law, to govern your life, to uphold your rights
i’m going to let you in on a little secret…

The reason why every legal case you see in the news where someone tries to stand up for their rights, or takes on some human rights cause, seems like such a big battle, is because they have been tricked into diminishing themselves to the status of a legal entity instead of that as a man or woman there to press their claim of rights, which is much simpler
Their game is all based on a big lie
It’s designed to make you think it’s not possible… or too much trouble… or too costly

It's designed to guarantee that every time you’re faced with a situation that you know is not right, you will continue to choose to go along with it… instead of understanding that you, as a man or woman, can bring forth your remedy in your courts
The reason it is so difficult for them is because they – just like you for your entire life until now – have been tricked into operating under someone else’s legal codes, acts and statutes instead of bringing forth honour and remedy or claims at law
Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, but they are no more free than they were before they started… not really

Trying to establish your rights under someone else’s law is like building a house on the beach and expecting it to last past the next tide – if it’s granted by someone else’s law, it’s not a right it’s a privilege

You need to establish your rights under the law common to you; 
your land; your body; your rules; your laws
Not ‘their’ common laws "legal world"… your law common to i "mankind"

Do this, and ‘they’ won’t want you to go anywhere near their courts with your law
You will win, settle, or bring remedy every time before you even get there, because
  • You will use none of their legal titles;
  • You will take no benefits such as human rights as you will be there as one of mankind with the greatest rights you have;
  • You will not use their civil complaints forms, as you will be there to press a lawful claim;
  • You will not allow them to imply legal codes, as you will be there to express your law, so that there is; 
Just you – a wo/man; living on the earth with rights
Well aware of not to exchange those rights for benefits and privileges of the legal society

Using the tools the world offers for your own benefit, not someone else’s

Knowing your rights; living the life you choose.

So long as you don’t harm anyone else, and if you do you make remedy, what you decide for yourself in your life will be respected… 100% of the time…
…provided you know how to communicate effectively and don’t let anyone else trespass on your laws

The way for mankind is NOT about activism or fighting anyone or anything
The way for mankind is to end every battle in your life – it’s about making sure you never have to fight at all…

  • A wo/man removes controversy at every opportunity... with a notice process you will learn;
  • A wo/man prevents a battle from ever taking place by creating a record of what is true;
  • A wo/man stays in honour by wisely concluding any claims on the record by providing remedy;
  • A wo/man creates everything in their reality in harmony with love and law;
The way for mankind is about understanding what it is to be private…
in your non-commercial capacity… between you and the creator alone

The way for mankind is about understanding how to use the public when needed for that benefit or privilege... and to do so with honour , integrity and clarity
Those of mankind who we call the 1% have possessed this knowledge the whole time; But they only use it to cause mayhem and destruction, and to control you as a Citizen, Brit, American, Canadian, Sovereign, Freeman, Doctor, Lawyer, etc. which are all titles of the legal society and have nothing to do with we of mankind

What you will learn with us is how to use this knowledge in harmony with law vs legal; What you will learn with us will make you far more powerful than any of the 1%

If you're anything like I was you’re tired of other people telling you what to do...

You’re tired of paying to fund corrupt and abusive systems;

You’re tired of being lied to and imprisoned by those of mankind who act as government agents;

You’re tired of feeling powerless at not being able to properly protect your family;

I know because I was too…

And 11 years ago I decide to do something about it…

Who am i?
i: am a man; Greg Paul;
I was a very different man 12 years ago though… 

It's 2008 and I’m 27 years old. Life is good. I run a house building company.

I’m not rich – I spend it too quickly to get rich, but we have a very comfortable life.

One day though I start to discover that things are not quite right. A friend explains to me how money is really created, and how the economy really works. I study anything and everything I can find to try and figure out how the world really works.

Faced with these truths I decide to leave the world I know behind…

I decide to break free… completely
I decide that from this day forward it is god’s law that I follow above all other; 

I decide it is my conscience that leads the way; 

I know in the heart that no man really has power over another and I decide I’m not going to stop until no man has power over me. 

I don’t know how exactly I’m going to make that stick yet… but I am.

And so I take to the streets, doing anything and everything that my conscience compels me to do.

I see an abandoned home owned by the local authority that has been empty for years so I seize it to house a homeless friend;

I tackle everything I perceive as injustice in the most loving way I can;

I have countless encounters with the local police force;

I prove time and time again that it is impossible to convict a man without his consent, where he hasn’t actually harmed anyone
It’s a powerful thing… to know this truth by your own experience – imagine how it would change your life…

Touched by our experiences, the man who at times acts as a police sergeant would offer lifts across town so he could ask questions about how the law really works;

But it was not the whole picture… as I was soon to find out…

We take on the mortgage company… and lose

Well, actually we don’t lose, but they take our home anyway, and I didn’t know how to deal with that

So we lose our home… 
7 months pregnant with our first child... it was disastrous 
There HAS to be a practical way of living abundantly, without being forced to support unloving systems with taxes;

There HAS to be a practical way of serving others, without losing the shirt off your back in the process;

There HAS to be a practical way of saying NO to other peoples rules that you KNOW are out of harmony with God’s laws;

There HAS to be a way of living in this world and being COMPLETELY free to live it how you choose;

And there is... 

The reality is that i, had been missing just one crucial piece:
how to ENFORCE the law common to i... not just express it
And so for the next nine years i, go on a journey in search of the knowledge of EVERY law there is - to discover the full depth of the framework of principles and laws that govern all life…  
i, meet many great mentors along the way…
a man – expert in the laws of the creator… from whom i, learn the Way to heal the soul;

a man – expert in the spiritual laws of kung fu, tantra, the TAO… from whom i, learn the Way to dance life;

a woman – who lived all the laws cleanly… with whom to reflect my self and integrate it all;

and a man: Jon – expert in the laws of man… from whom i, learn the Way to enforce what is true on earth
who you too will learn from directly as part of this course;

And Now? 
Now i, have three beautiful children and live back on the little island known as great britain, back where it all began;
Now i, run a business... as a man;

Now, my property belongs to i, a man;

Now, the fruits of my labour belong to i, a man;

Now, there are no lies in my reality… or liars… anywhere;

Now, no one is controlling anything i, do… in any way;

Now i, still wish to see communities of free men and women living freely on the earth, but now i know what that’s actually going to take…

It’s going to take a lot of men and women… standing in their own authority, with full rights

So i, created this course

And who is Jon?
i: am a man; Jon Little
And i too was a very different man... 15 years ago...

Before i, got hammered... before i, lost loved ones; 

i, stood in the darkest moments of my life when they came for me; 
i, saw them at their worst under fire; under threat lies and intimidation; they came hard and they wanted to destroy me;

They had me, for my beliefs, for my truth, for my honor, for my peace; 

How dare i, stand up to them, how dare i, not bow to those in so-called charge; 

they had me; they had taken my loved ones; they had my magic; they had my heart...
...or so they thought 

What happens when a father wakes up to be a man and learns the world is not what he thought it was? 

What happens when you do not wish to poison your children's body, mind, or spirit? 

What happens when you do not follow the status quo? 

They come for you and they come hard. 

But what happens when they trespass upon a man, a man who found the secret to their chaos?

They lose... they lose every time! 

Not only did i win, but i came away with all their secrets
The mother of all secrets! 

My name is jon, and i stood in the face of evil... as they tried to take everything from me, and i have learned, in the darkest shadows, when everything was at stake, the knowledge of true law... and i won!

i, had to lose it all to find who i, truly was
i, am a man reborn, and now i give my time to share what i have learned to mankind
we have spent almost 30 years of trial and error, and Huge personal cost, to discover How To Be In harmony With the system and law 
 And Now We Want To Help As Many of mankind As Possible To Do The Same So you Don't Have to do it the hard way like we did
The Law for Mankind is a 12 week intensive training to completely reset the way you think, feel and act in your life and the world… to shift you back to being a man or woman again;

For 3 months you will eat, sleep & breathe the Law for Mankind;

You will emerge the other side with the knowledge and ability to set your own law to govern your own life, and hold any man or woman to account when they don’t respect them or trespass upon them;

You will share the journey together with other men and women as part of a supportive group setting; reflecting yourself through other men and women who are doing exactly the same; men and women who are as serious as you are about making a change… who know they must;

We will meet as a group each week where the schedule for the coming week will be set and necessary knowledge and resources shared;

You will be given the space to become a man… or woman… to be your self as you are…

We can not walk your path for you to become the man or woman you were born to be, but we can provide you the aid and the environment you need to get there a lot quicker, and without falling prey to the same pitfalls we did along the way... 

We can help you to learn from our mistakes...
 During the Training you will learn how to: 
  • Keep 100% of the compensation you receive for your labour;
  • Expose and clear up all the mistruth in your life preventing you from being the man or woman you really are;
  • Write your own correspondence and notices to gracefully navigate ANY situation that arises in life;
  • Overcome the emotional blocks to forward progress with the program and with life in general;
  • ​Press claim against those who try to take the compensation for your labour;
  • ​Reset all the conditioning that still ties you to the world you are freeing yourself from;
  • ​Stay in honour and remove controversy from ANY situation;
  • ​Get paid directly by other men and women in the private for your expertise and passions;
  • ​Document and record evidence properly;
  • ​Clear up bad debt or bill before it ever becomes debt;
  • ​Charge for orders from the men or woman acting as police, or any other title;
  • ​Press your own claims at court, and avoid ending up in anyone else’s court;
  • ​Overcome every fear you currently have, and be empowered to navigate those you encounter along the way;
You will learn how to take full responsibility for every aspect of your life - For your words, your actions, your circumstances & your emotions 
so you have the capacity to live the life you know is possible 
Each week, you will do a practical exercise which will either:
             - be a real thing you implement in your life NOW, with others, during the program, or

             - prepare you to be able to handle ANY future circumstance

Each week we will feedback from the last week’s project, before diving into the next;

You will learn by DOING it;

As needed you will meet in smaller groups in between the main gatherings to overcome any blocks you come up against with integrating what you learn into your life;

You will be supported to become the man or woman you are;
In short – you will leave AS a new wo/man with all the tools you need to handle any situation AS a man or woman
After a wildly successful first group... 
We're opening up limited spaces for another group to work with us
We only want people who are serious though
If you’re not serious about making a big change in your life – right now – please don’t apply

We’re building a fully engaged community of those who take action, and who inspire each other through their strength and resolve to embody the rights of man and woman, living courageous loving lives, with their full rights intact

We only want people who are serious about learning how to take back control over their own life and affairs; who KNOW it is a necessity, not a luxury

We will provide the tools, but you will have to put the work in to be free
This course is NOT about activism or fighting anyone or anything
This course is about ending every battle in your life – it’s about going to peace, removing controversy and providing remedy

Only when you are a man or woman who knows how to hold to account those of mankind who trespass upon your rights, will you have the power to live in peace
So how much does it cost? 
We work on a donation basis... if you are accepted into the course,
You will be asked to make a donation of $997 USD
Then we will give you our time
If this sounds like it’s for you… you can

What Others have had to say
Here’s an overview of the things we’ll cover together
Language 101

  • Course Introduction
  • ​Understanding Reality vs Fiction
  • ​Word Meanings & What's Coming

Laws Governing Everything
  • Principles of Universal Law
  • The Interplay of Soul Law & Earth Law
  • Personal Law Errors
Create your own law profile - map out how your law framework is currently structured
The Law Common To i
  • ​Language of Your Own Law - Staying Private
  • ​How to Set Your Own Law
  • ​Basic Notice Writing Skills

Write a sequence of notices to deal with a neighbour who has done damage to your property


  • What Debt Really Is and How to Stay Out of It
  • What To Do if the Tax Man is Hunting You
  • How to Collect a Debt FROM the man who acts as Tax Man
Write a sequence of notices to end any tax inquiry and have YOU collect from the tax man if he persists
Discovery Of What Is True
  • How to Identify Any Lie
  • How to Find Out What is True About Anything
  • How to Establish What is True As Recorded Fact

Part 1 - Process to identify all the mistruth in your life 
Part 2 - Fix one mistruth

Group Feedback And Integration
  • Q & A based
  • ​Review of First 6 Weeks With Quiz
  • ​Running hypothetical scenarios based on student's Real Life Situations   
To suit the individual and group needs

Wo/man In The Public
  • How to Communicate with Agents
  • How to Ask and When to Answer
  • How to Take Orders & Bill for Your Services

Write a sequence of notices to follow up on an interaction with police and bill for orders when you have not done a crime
Creating A Claim

  • How to Compile a Claim
  • ​How to Set Your Own Rules of Court 
  • ​How to Submit Your Claim at Your Court 

Prepare an actual claim in regard to one of the scenarios you have already created in the Program
Situations & Emotions
  • How to Respond & Never React
  • How to Remove All Controversy Gracefully
  • Various Situational Scenarios and How to Overcome Them
Process to identify the dishonour in your life and bring yourself to honour

Presenting Claim With Mock Court
  • How to Press Your Claim at Your Court
  • ​Present Your Claim Before a Judge
  • ​Learn How to Stay Out of Anyone Else's Jurisdiction
Writing your own story as the basis for your life as the man or woman you are now able to be in the world
Bringing It All Together
  • Getting Clear On Who You Are
  • How to Ground the Real You in the Real World
  • ​Overcoming Fear

Completion of your law profile you created in week 2

Group Feedback And Integration
  • Q & A based
  • ​Review of Last 6 Weeks With Quiz 
  • ​Polishing Processes  

Go forth and live your live as a man or woman on the earth!

  • Keep 100% of the compensation you receive for your labour
  • Live your life by your own rules by understanding your rights and your place in law 
  • Remove the psychological and emotional barriers to living the life you know is right
  • Be able to choose to live under your own domestic authority and know how to navigate third party oversight and regulation
  • ​Lawfully say “no” to anyone, and hold them to account if they trespass against you
  • ​Be able to charge for orders when you don't want to follow "mandatory" orders for free
  • ​Protect yourself and your family against any harm or loss without ever having to raise arms or even raise your heartbeat
  • ​Know your own property rights and protect your property fully 
  • ​Improved self-worth and greater respect & appreciation from your family and friends
  • ​No more playing along with things you know are wrong because you’re afraid of the consequences
  • Know how to end complaints against you with lawful claims where you haven’t caused harm to another man or woman
  • ​Overcome the fears that paralyse you from taking action in life
  • ​Feel more connected with the people in your life
  • ​Remember what it is and what it feels like to have the power of a man or woman
There’s really only two choices – we can take back control over our own lives, so we can protect ourselves, our property, our families and our Rights, or we can continue to watch our health, wealth and freedom be stripped away
Now is the time to learn your rights, before the doorway to this knowledge closes for good.

This is not just about learning to survive... it's about laying the foundations for you to truly thrive
Once the spaces have gone, we'll be closing the doors again
So if you ARE serious about taking action to take back power over your life and your affairs... 
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